foucault giving detailed instructions about the internet to me, 34 years ago

perrot:so the key was architecture! indeed, what of architecture as a mode of political organization? after all in this 18th century current of thought everything is spatial, on the material as well as the mental level
foucault:the point it seems to me is that architecture begins at the end of the 18th century to become involved in problems of population, health and the urban question. previously the art of building corresponded to the need to make power, divinity and might manifest. then late in the 18th century new problems emerge, it becomes a question of using space for economico-political ends.
foucault:a whole history remains to be written of spaces - which would at the same time be the history of powers (both thee terms in the plural) - from the great strategies of geo politics to the little tactics of the habitat...
foucault:it is surprising how long the problem of space took to emerge as a historic political problem. space used to be either discussed as belonging to nature that is the given, the basic conditions, physical geography, in other words a sort of prehistoric stratum, or else it was conceived as the residential site or field of expansion of peoples, of a culture, a language or a state.
foucault:it took marc bloch and fernand braudel to develop a history of rural and maritime spaces
foucault:space predetermines a history which in turn reworks and sediments itself in it. anchorage in a space is an economico-political form which needs to be studied in detail.
foucault:among the reasons which led to spaces suffering for so long a certain neglect, i will mention just one, which has to do with the discourse of philosophers.
foucault:at the moment when a considered politics of spaces was starting to develop (end of the 18th century), the new achievements in theoretical and experimental physics dislodged philosophy from its ancient right to speak of the world, the cosmos, finite or infinite space.
foucault:the double investment of space by political technology and scientific practice reduce philosophy to the field of a problematic of time - since kant, what is to be thought by the philosopher is time. along with this goes a correlative devaluation of space…
foucault:“i remember ten years or so ago discussing these problems of the political of space, and being told that it was reactionary to go on so much about space, and that time and the “project” were what life and progress are about. i should say that reproach came from a psychologist - psychology, the truth and shame of nineteenth century philosophy.
foucault:with these themes of surveillance, and especially in the schools, it seems that control over sexuality becomes inscribed in architecture. in the military schools, the very walls speak the struggle against homosexuality and masturbation.
foucault:doctors at that time were among other things the specialists of space.
foucault:they posed four fundamental problems. that of local conditions (regional climates, soil, humidity and dryness: under the term “constitution” they studied these combinations of local determinants and seasonal variations which at at given moment favour a particular sort of disease); that of co existences (either between men, questions about density and proximity, or between men and things, the question of water, sewage, ventilation, or between men and animals, thew question of stables and abattoirs, or between men and the dead, the question of cemeteries); that of residences (the environment, urban problems); that of displacements (the migration of men, the propagation of disease).
foucault:doctors were along with the military the first managers of collective space. but the military were chiefly concerned to think the space of campaigns (and thus of ‘passages’) and that of fortresses whereas the doctors were concerned to think the space of habitations and towns.
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short history of tractors in ukrainian

Nadia:“It was that moment-more than anything that happened to me afterwards-that turned me into a lifelong socialist”.
Vera:“Maybe it was what turned me into the woman with the fur coat’.
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Mushroom and Garden Update


Mushroom and Garden Update

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I had a pretty poor return on my first batch of starts for my garden. They all worked somewhat but after transferring them it seems like only the arugula and some of the lettuce will prosper. I started another batch of seeds last Saturday morning and proceeded to leave them out while out Saturday night as they got soaked. Soaked may be a bit of an understatement, as they were sitting in…

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"not only venetian blinds on the windows of the central observation hall, but on the inside partitions that intersected the halls t right angles and in order to pass from one quarter to the other, not doors but zig zag openings, for the slightest noise, a gleam of light, a brightness in half opened door would betray the presence of the guardian"
interior design of the central watch tower in bentham’s panopticon
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"low culture and high camp"
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