Teenage Mutant Ninja Alice In Wonderland

Adapted from Conrad Aiken

Firefly’s my name, I am evanescent.
Firefly’s your name. You are evanescent.
But I follow you as remorselessly as darkness,
And shut you in and enclose you, at last, and always

Till you are lost
Till I am lost
Are you the one who would close so cool about me?
My fire sheds into and through you
and beyond you

How can your fingers hold me? I am elusive.
How can my fingers hold you? You are elusive?
Yes, you are flame, but I surround and love you,
Always extend beyond you, cool, eternal,
To take you into my heart’s great void of silence

— 2 weeks ago
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Precocious girls get sexually assaulted is why I need feminism.

— 2 weeks ago

It cannot be denied that Thaddius has a hefty package. Indeed, it is almost impossible to ignore, given its prominent place right at the center of his card art. Since the controversy over our much-beloved boob-flairs is still fresh in the minds of many in our community, isn’t it only fitting to even things out by showing some pride in the more masculine characters of Hearthstone? It is time to stop beating around the bulge: We must embrace Thaddius’s considerable girth, and prove that, as a community, we are not afraid to show our solidarity with his meaty mass. I propose a new flair, proudly displaying Thaddius’s tight spandex briefs, to show the world that just because someone is a horrible Frankenstein’s monster stitched together from the bodies of those he’s killed, with their souls trapped within, doesn’t mean he isn’t packing the goods.
Please join me in my campaign to place Thaddius’s bulk in its rightful place at the top of our flairs list.

— 2 weeks ago

When we get to the break I will win every time because I have nothing to lose and nothing to gain here.

— 3 weeks ago